Our ScopeMetrics® methodology is straightforward. What varies, of course, is the way our Scope of Work Diagnostics are used to improve performance. Here are the basic steps of our approach:

Scope of Work Reconstruction

We partner with our agency clients to gather and input the deliverables for each Scope of Work in our ScopeMetric® template. Our template is easy to use and helps us and our clients better understand the complexity of the SOW workload.

Scope of Work Analysis

We use our ScopeMetrics® database and proprietary metrics to evaluate and determine the agency resources and fees needed to support the Scope of Work. The ScopeMetrics® diagnostic shows which metrics are below par and need attention to optimize agency performance.

Recommendations & Action Plans

Our recommendations for agency resources and compensation include “Gold Standard” productivity level benchmarks that enable our clients to strike a balance between efficiency (agency productivity) and high creative quality output.

We develop and recommend action plans that enable our clients to focus on process improvements and to manage the Scope of Work. These process improvements help both agencies and advertisers achieve more collaborative, productive relationships and higher levels of performance.

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